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Diana Makes the Rounds
"No sooner had the bubbles in my Guinness settled to the bottom, did I fantasize about my new existence as a modern-day Jack London: striding down a foggy dock with a duffel balanced on my shoulder, my back as taut as a sail against a gathering wind, and a brunette back in the car crying her eyes out."

Strange People Touching My Body
Feb. 2002
Carl Robinson uses the subway station at 53rd St. and Fifth Ave. as his Speaker's Corner.

Diana and Maddy
Nov. 2001
I often walk down the asphalt path that runs the length of Manhattan, on the shore of the Hudson River, hoping to see Diana.

Better Luck Next Year
Dec. 2000
The Ig Nobel Prize: Honoring research that should not be reproduced.

A Unique Reflection of Identity
Sept. 2000
"The doctor is the ultimate voyeur."--Mark Kessell, daguerreotypist.

Elevator Logic
Aug. 18-24, 1999
Kenny the courthouse quizmaster gives a lift to New York City’s finest.

Seltzer Man
Feb. 1999
Brooklyn seltzer man gets a charge out of delivering carbonated water.

The Cat Lady
Feb. 12-18, 1998
Anita Francis services cat houses all over the West Side.

Newman’s Own
Sept. 9-15, 1997
Paul’s cool hand keeps the atmosphere light while shooting a TV commercial for the arts.

The Mayfair Boys Club and Barbershop
Aug. 19-25, 1997
The pulse of life at Mayfair—an old-time barbershop with crotchety regulars, expired calendars on the wall, occasional mayhem, and the best $8 cuts in town.


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