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Handling a Hernia
March, 2001
Men have a natural anatomical weakness in the groin region...Few people realize that if a bad hernia goes untreated it can kill you. 

Erectile Dysfunction: Hard on Men
November, 2000
IIt came as a shock to me when Victor said sadly, "I can't make mami happy no more. Es muerto." It's dead.

Wacky Penis Facts I
September, 2000
Did you know that the average speed at which ejaculate shoots out of a man is 25 m.p.h.?

Wacky Penis Facts II
September, 2000
Did you know that sperm makes up only one percent of ejaculate?

June, 2000
Sporting serious wood is not the simple process one might assume that it is. In fact, it's about as complex as a NASA rocket launch.

April, 2000
Former Yankee pitcher Hideki Irabu has used magnets for years, taping dozens of them underneath his uniform. Had Irabu been more successful on the mound, it's conceivable that fans all across the world would be using magnetic therapy rather than gulping down androstenedione, the potion of choice of Irabu's teammate Mark McGwire.

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